Saturday, 9 July 2016

A busy day in my craft room......

Hi everyone

I have finally had time spend a whole day in my craft room today.  I had a couple of projects that i had started and wanted to finish - well one in particular that had morphed quite considerably from a wishy washy flat looking canvas into something that i will be hanging on my wall

This is the finished piece i just love Art Alchemy paints especially over black gesso
Below is how it morphed from an ok idea into something i am really pleased with

Using a Donna Downey stencil I added some modelling paste  

Then added some layers of paper and tissue 

Added some drippage with a glue gun.  Then covered the lot in white gesso 

Then in my infinite wisdom i decided to paint it in pink, green and silver and when it was dry it looked a bit dull and boring.  This all happened at the beginning of April and i have been looking at it every time i have been in my craft room trying to decide what to do with it until last weekend and then i covered the whole thing with black gesso and today added Blueberry, a darker pink and silver Art Alchemy Paints and then having painted it all decided a paint brush over the stencilled one would look quite cool so out came a spare brush - just the right size covered it in gesso and paint and voila!

I did also gesso a yogurt pot with an idea of adding some texture to it but that it seems is going to be another work in progress.  i did manage to get a project done for The Artistic Stamper DT which you will be able to see on The Artistic Stamper blog tomorrow.

Thanks for checking in i am now off to pack my bag as tomorrow we are off to Hull for my daughters graduation to see her receive her Master of Physics degree in which she achieved 2:1 (yes i am a very proud mum in case you hadn't guessed lol)

Happy Crafting