Sunday, 1 November 2015

The Artistic Stamper November Challenge - Fabric

Hi All

If you have come over from The Artistic Stamper Challenge Blog here is the step out for the little mini book i have created if you have just popped over anyway, I hope you enjoy this little lengthy post.

Now this little book and i mean little it works out at 2 inches x 2 inches once its finished cute eh?

First make up a selection of Gelli prints I used Distress Paint and Dylusions for mine you will need four complete sheets to make the same amount of pages as mine, plus one for the cover.  Obviously you can use more or less sheets but if using more be careful not to make it too big for your cover.

Next cut down each piece to 8 x 8 squares or if you want it smaller 6 x 6 and cut each square into half (sorry i seemed to have missed taking a photo of that bit)

Fold both pieces in half

then in half 

then back on it self 

Then again and you should have a  folded square 

Do that for each piece and then line them all up and trust me as silly as this seems and looks it really is helpful so don't move them once you are done!  

the next step is starting to stick them together, firstly open up you first page and glue down one side, sorry i forgot to take a pic of this bit then fold it in half and slot the next sheet into it so it should look like the image below

carry on adding the pieces together until you are finished

once it looks like this clasp it together and glue down the spine 
As you maybe able to see i did have a bit of an accident with the glue here lets just say it went splodge!! You actually don't need that much just enough to hold it all together and stick a clip on it whilst it dries - avoiding the glue of course ;-)

Next take the sheet you want to use as the cover and cut it to the same size as the original pages so it should be 8 x 4 if you have made the same size as this.  

Now at this point my fingers really were sticking to everything so i was unable to take a pic of the next bit as i needed a clean up and then forgot again  but you fold the piece in half open it up and then fold each long side towards the folded line leaving a smidge of room.  Place it around the dry pages and fold around to make the cover making sure you burnish around the spine nicely.  Then add a piece of ribbon - i used fibres if you want to hang it up and glue down the spine of the cover and stick over the spine of the pages then once in place slot the end page into each of the cover

This is where the smidge of extra space comes into play ;-)

Hope you have as much fun making yours as i did mine and don't forget to pop back to The Artistic Stamper Challenge Blog to upload your challenge for this month!

As Always please do leave your comments on here or on The Artistic Stamper blog or even better on both I do appreciate all comments and they are all read.