Monday, 6 April 2015

My entry for the PaperArtsy topic 6 Grunge Paste challenge

Hi All I do hope you all had the lovely sun we have had this afternoon.  Here is my entry into the latest challenge on PaperArtsy.  All of the inspiration posts were all equally inspiring although i really enjoyed Lou Collins wood effect grunge paste the effects Lou had achieved were amazing and initially that was going to be the basis of my canvas.  I started off by using the new crackled stencil from Tim Holtz and popping some grunge paste into it and then painted over in beige Fresco finish!

I had got some bits and pieces ready and I had even made a piece of chipboard into a wood effect piece, but then I got carried away and stamped on it before the GP had dried and guess what I ruined it lol!!  After a bit of playing around I came up with the idea of making some chipboard tiles using grunge paste mixed with Fresco Finish.  I did two with toffee and two with ice blue.  I also had a small craftersworkshop heart stencil and so added some grunge paste through that too, on top of the crackle!

I had a bit of grunge paste left on my craft mat and rather than waste it I pressed a piece of bubble wrap into and left it to dry.  This is the odd orangey bit at the bottom, I just quite liked it!!   I added some embellishments (which I had covered in clear gesso) onto the beige background and a bit of tissue tape.  Then out came my new colour bursts, oh and what fun they are, a little squirt of that magic powder goes quite a way.  Especially once you start spraying it with water!!  It even mixes beautifully with grunge paste, in fact maybe a little too well.  I thought I had wiped my craft mat of any residue before I put the grunge paste on it, but no sooner had I squirted on the Orange colour burst than a bit of blue appeared, I added a bit more orange, a bit of yellow even a bit of red, but all this mixed with blue just made it look - well let's just say it looked a very unpleasant shade of brown!!  I swiped it through the laugh stencil anyway and then left it to dry and then once dry squirted some more colour on and this did make it look considerably better.  I sprayed the main canvas and everything on it with perfect pearls, which gave it a lovely pearlescent finish.  I then popped some treasured silver on the embellishments and around the edge of the canvas.

I do hope you like it as much as I do, tomorrow it's going up on my craft room wall!!

As always do let me know your thoughts.