Thursday, 19 March 2015

Paperartsy Challenge #5 Deconstruction part 2!

As I said earlier I couldn't stop at just doing the amazon packet.  The inspiration this challenge had produced was amazing!!  I have had a Jacobs cracker box sitting on my desk for a couple of weeks now and I knew roughly what I wanted to do with it, but having started on the folder, thoughts suddenly started to come together.

Back out came Fresco finish, this time it was the turn of Bora Bora and Pansy after starting with just Bora Bora I decided to mix it up a bit and picked up both colours on the brush.  Which gave a really nice effect.

Then I added on some grunge paste through a stencil, in my haste to do this I forgot to add the colour lol!  I get so excited about little things like this, it's quite sad really 😉
Out came the Bora Bora again and I just painted roughly over the grunge paste to try and cover all of the stencilling.  Then I went back over with some more Pansy, I was trying to get an almost verdigris effect, it almost got there!

I had found a clasp which I thought would look great and turn this little cracker box into something resembling an old chest ( yes you might need to use your imagination a little bit 😉). Having made a flower out of tissue and a bead I suddenly remembered something I had heard on a video and I think it might have been one of Paperartsy's about dipping flowers into the melt pot.  So out it came, the melt pot that is.   I decided a nice mask and full UTEE flower might make good embellishments!  Once they had cooled and in fact while I was waiting for them all to cool, I got out the treasured gold and spread it around the edge of the box and over the grunge paste.  Then once the embellishments had cooled over them as well!!  So here it is the final box (chest) from different angles!

The bottom one shows the treasured gold up a bit better, I added some down the side of the mask and around the tips of the petals.  The photos don't quite show the edges looking all nice and goldy still that serves me right for leaving the photos till it got dark!!

Thanks again for looking now where are those jars!!