Monday, 30 March 2015

Spring is Coming. The Artistic Stamper Challenge

Here is my entry for The Artistic Stamper monthly challenge - Spring is coming.  I decided to take a slightly different angle for my entry.  I recently bought a bag of The Artistic Stamper stamps, all random stamps.  It was a little bit like one of those goody bags you used to get as a child, they had ones for boys and ones for girls but you didn't know what was in it until you opened it.  The only thing with those bags was that you normally ended up being disappointed lol!  Not so with a mystery bag of stamps, how could you go wrong?

In amongst my bag was two pillars a statue and the words Column and Arch, these are from the "Architecture" plate.  A spring challenge, mmm now what could I do that was slightly different.  Well if you put an "M" before Arch you have March so with that in mind and a roman feel i had an idea.  

Having just received the first two new distress colours i was itching to try them out.  So I sprayed the new coral and cracked pistachio distress stain sprays onto a journal page.  I thought it gave the page a sort Verdi Gris effect although that could just be my imagination!! Along with a new stencil again from The Artistic Stamper.  Let that dry and then out came some tissue tape (not quite sure why but I like it) and the grunge paste with an ivy stencil!  Quickly followed by some card, black archival ink and the aforementioned stamps.  I also used the Tim Holtz school house stencil and a craftersworkshop roman lettering one. I used my white pen to add accents to the pillars and around the ampersand from the stencil and also around the ivy and the title.  I used a black micro pen to draw in the ivy around the lettering. 

So here it is entitled "Beware the Ides of March". My entry for the Spring is coming challenge!

As always thank you so much for looking and do let me know what you think


Thursday, 19 March 2015

Paperartsy Challenge #5 Deconstruction part 2!

As I said earlier I couldn't stop at just doing the amazon packet.  The inspiration this challenge had produced was amazing!!  I have had a Jacobs cracker box sitting on my desk for a couple of weeks now and I knew roughly what I wanted to do with it, but having started on the folder, thoughts suddenly started to come together.

Back out came Fresco finish, this time it was the turn of Bora Bora and Pansy after starting with just Bora Bora I decided to mix it up a bit and picked up both colours on the brush.  Which gave a really nice effect.

Then I added on some grunge paste through a stencil, in my haste to do this I forgot to add the colour lol!  I get so excited about little things like this, it's quite sad really 😉
Out came the Bora Bora again and I just painted roughly over the grunge paste to try and cover all of the stencilling.  Then I went back over with some more Pansy, I was trying to get an almost verdigris effect, it almost got there!

I had found a clasp which I thought would look great and turn this little cracker box into something resembling an old chest ( yes you might need to use your imagination a little bit 😉). Having made a flower out of tissue and a bead I suddenly remembered something I had heard on a video and I think it might have been one of Paperartsy's about dipping flowers into the melt pot.  So out it came, the melt pot that is.   I decided a nice mask and full UTEE flower might make good embellishments!  Once they had cooled and in fact while I was waiting for them all to cool, I got out the treasured gold and spread it around the edge of the box and over the grunge paste.  Then once the embellishments had cooled over them as well!!  So here it is the final box (chest) from different angles!

The bottom one shows the treasured gold up a bit better, I added some down the side of the mask and around the tips of the petals.  The photos don't quite show the edges looking all nice and goldy still that serves me right for leaving the photos till it got dark!!

Thanks again for looking now where are those jars!!


PaperArtsy Challenge #5 Deconstruction

As soon as I read Leandras post showing Julie Ann's amazing Amazon folder, I new exactly what I was going to deconstruct.  I had put a an Amazon packet in my craft room just a few days before along with an empty cracker box, a coffee, mustard and two jam jars!!  All things waiting to be altered but the inspiration from seeing Julie Anns folder (I must have missed it at Christmas) really got my brain ticking!! Out came the Fresco finish paints and my hands immediately went to the new Lin Brown special edition colours, Caribbean Sea, Bouganvilla, Tangerine Twist and Banana.  Oh the brightness and gorgeousness of those luscious colours!

So here it is

My folder.  I must confess. I did knock the colour back a bit with some snowflake, and I was really pleased with the way it turned out.  I put some grungepaste mixed with tangerine twist through a stencil on the right hand side and then just dabbed some Bougainvillea through another one.  Added a couple of embellishments and the ribbon is held together with a button.

Inside I decided to make the two packing flaps into a wallet and a flap.

Added on a bit of stamping with some hot picks and a stencil on the tangerine twist flap.

Having finished this, I couldn't stop so will do another post to show you what happened!!

Thanks for looking and as always do leave a comment


Tuesday, 3 March 2015

PaperArtsy challenge 4 Miniature Art

Having read Leandras  post introducing the new challenge on Miniature Art I realised it was high time that the pack of dominoes I have had in my stash for quite a few years were finally used!! I had bought them having been inspired by an article in Craft Stamper (which was probably the one Leandra was talking about lol). I quickly did some housework admittedly half hearted - it's difficult to dust and Hoover when you have creative thoughts running through your head!!  I also hadn't really tried miniature art before and I do love trying out a new technique!!

So out came the dominoes, I gave them a quick sand, and then popped on some fresco finish in stone.  I have some Prima mini stamps and had already decided (whilst hoovering) that these would be perfect for the dominoes, however having stamped straight onto the paint it all looked a tad flat.  I had used a small text stamp around the sides and decided to keep that, but paint over the front and back, so out came the claret fresco.  It was starting to look a bit better now, I have some lovely trinkets which I had picked up from The Artistic Stamper the day before so out they came followed by a paper clay frame I had made.  As the frame was paper clay I was able to cut it to fit the domino and painted it with Jade fresco.  

This is the front 

This is the back

And this is inside.

This was a piece of paper cut to fit the dominoes and folded to give nice concertina pages.  The word stamps are from a KaiserCraft set the flowers are from the Prima mini sets.  The ribbon was some I had in my stash.

The feet are made from flower trinkets, which took ages and ages to dry!!  I did get a bit carried away with the whole idea and whilst I was waiting for glue and paint to dry I have to confess some other miniature art was created and so I will do posts for each of them.

Thanks for looking and as usual do let me know what you think.