Thursday, 4 December 2014

A change of scenery

I hope you like the new layout, i personally think it looks a bit cleaner and clearer. You never know it might get me posting a bit more regularly, which would be nice. I have been trying my hardest to get some Christmas cards made, and i think i have finally got a design - hopefully in the next couple of days i can show you the finished article! To be honest i keep getting distracted by my journal. I don't really use it for writing down my thoughts more for playing and trying out different techniques With this page i was trying out some new paints and trying out painting without water - something that i hadn't done before. I had also just got back from the Artistic Stamper and along with the paints i had a new stamp and stencil that were just crying to be tried out. Once it was finished i left it as it was and then yesterday i decided that the Dyan Reavely stamp would look perfect on it using the same blue as the background but just added some white to make it lighter painted the dress and then added a tad more blue to just take it that tiny shade darker for the hat. The hair was done with the same colours as well! Its still not quite finished but i quite like it.
let me know what you think. Debs