Tuesday, 30 September 2014

At last....

I have cleaned, tidied and  unpacked the first shipment and finally made it into my albeit sparse craft room.  Not much to use at the moment as I didn't really think things through properly when I was packing a small stash to go in the air freight.  It's my nephews birthday next week and I only have stamps which are suitable for ladies!!  Oh well!! 

I did however pack my small collection of JOFY stamps and with my welcome home present to myself (so far the only one, but I am feeling the urge....) a lovely big box of inktense pencils.  I thought I deserved a little play this afternoon.  I started with a blank tag and randomly scribbled just two colours of pencils across the tag then got my waterbrush out and applied a touch of water to the pencil marks.  

It didn't look too great so I added some stencilling with peacock feathers and weathered wood distress ink. Then out came the Jofy stamps.  Quickly followed by more pencilling and a wetter brush.  The final result is this.....

As always do let me know what you think and hopefully soon the rest of the shipment will arrive with the contents of my craft room and the playing can commence