Tuesday, 28 January 2014

What a day!! Fresco paints and brayer background

Well I say what a day, but it actually started yesterday when I went onto the PaperArtsy blog and saw Ellen's brayer background.  Had to give it a go, as usual theses things never quite turn out as you plan! The idea was that I would do the background and then enter the weekly challenge, however in-laws, dinner cooking and other stuff, meant that I missed the deadline lol!! Oh well there is always this weeks.

So here is what came out of my playing yesterday and today.  I decided to try and use different stamps on each piece and wanted at least one of them to be "manly"
The flower on the bottom card is made from a wet wipe that I used to clean up the paint.  It soaked up the colours really nicely so i popped it onto the radiator and then stamped on it today and cut it out!!

Let me know what you think!