Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Take one empty tin, some fresco finish paints, dry wall tape, assortedmasks and a stamp!

I had, had an empty chocolate tin sitting on my desk for ages, waiting for a bit of inspiration to turn into something other than an empty tin.  Yesterday it came to me in one of those brief moments that don't happen very often.  So out came the Fresco Finish paints, no need for gesso or primer with these - you can just paint straight onto more or less any surface including tin!!  It was time to get messy!

First I painted the lid with Bora bora
Making sure the tin was given a nice even coverage, I used some cut and dry foam, squeezed a small dollop of paint at a time and blended it in.  Left it for a couple of minutes to dry then gave it another coat.  I then painted the sides in mermaid, retrospectively it would probably have been better to do the sides first, but I didn't think of that till afterwards!!

Then out came the stencils, Crafters workshop mini harlequin, mini roman letters and mini treescape.  The letters I dabbed guacamole paint then treescape in vanilla and followed up by harlequin in mermaid.

I then left it overnight while I decided what else to add on to it.  I decided I wanted it to be a bit grungy so I stamped a PaperArtsy clock flower three times then made that into a paper rose and then inspired by an article in this months Craft Stamper about dry wall tape, and the fact that I had managed to buy some this morning and was itching to try it out.  I cut a strip off my huge roll painted it guacamole and once it was dry, die cut it using tattered leaves.

The finished article

I was going to give it away but I think I may just keep it, and put some bits and pieces off my craft desk in it. The bottom is also painted Bora bora.

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